Welcome to the New Dirtyhabit Clothing website / Blog!

We’ve been super busy in the last few years and we’ve let Dirtyhabit go with the flow a bit too long without a rudder and a steady guiding hand…things are about to change as we grasp the reigns and kick this beast of a clothing brand back into action!

Up first is this new site…nice and easy to maintain so we can keep it up to date quickly and easily…the Dirtyhabit website has gone through many changes since 1998 for those that remember the long and super busy rider forums, rider images and video uploads, team profiles and general chit chat…Dirtyhabit did a lot of things first back then and now we’re on a roll again.

Check out the product pages with a brand new collection almost in production! Give it a couple of weeks for the first tees to be rolling off the line…

We’re building a team again so get in touch if your the very best at your local spot for street or dirt riding..in the past 15 years Dirtyhabit has brought through a lot of great, young grassroot riders so if you’re up for it let us know..

Thats about it for now…just keep an eye back here every so often for updates…All the Dirtyhabit