The main man, Ben Mark, has scribed a few words filling us in on what happened a round 1 last weekend at Chicksands…………………

The weather being its usual unpredictable self nearly forced the cancellation of the first round of the new 2008 King of Dirt series, but thanks to a lot of dedicated locals and a fortunate turn in the weather, meant that the session went ahead!!!
After setting up all the banners and getting the now wet registration forms completed we kicked off the event with the open category.
The great thing about the Open comp is the fact you see a lot of new faces and also the future of the sport is lying in these riders abilities on their bikes. And what a round it was, there were tail whips, flips, tabletops, bar spins and loads of no-footed variations, but the guy that stole the show was a regular at the event Stinky Pete who after a hell of a lot of heckling from his adoring fans flipped the first jump to the bar spin the second to then no foot can-can the last one which for an amateur rider is an incredible run!!
The Pro the kicked off which turned out to be an amazing competition.
With 14 people entering the Pro Competition I knew that there was going to be a real buzz to the event and some big tricks were gonna go down! The winner Sam Pilgrim ( Diamondback Bikes) quite simply blew the riders away with his impressive array of tricks and still which just proves why he is sponsored. Seeing Sam do his first front flip over a dirt jump was a real crowd pleaser and an awesome achievement for a rider of such a young age. Sam Reynolds (DMR Bikes, Dirtyhabit) came second with his effortless style and his dialled tricks, and new Guy Raymond Samson (Last Bikes) came third , 
The Next round at Wisley Trails on the 25th should be a real good competition and another show of how much improvement the winter training has brought to the riders abilities.