The Pro riders started on the jam line, which for anyone that hasn’t seen Wisley trails are fascinating display of digging abilities with a level of perfection that is seen only at the worlds most renown trails.

Being able to take a mountain bike through a set of dirt jumps that perfect and performing tricks such as “Table-top Flip” and “Tailwhips” consistently proves that the sport is progressing at a astonishing rate.
Blake Samson who has improved so much since last year started pulling tricks like mid-set 360 x-ups and stretched indian air’s along with Sam Reynolds amazing consistency and dialled tricks left us puzzled over the first place.
The Trails on the Pro line are outstanding, Seeing Sam Reynolds trying a “double tailwhip” on the last jump is something that will stay in my mind for along time to come. The judges were left puzzled and it was a really tuff decision to make, but after a lot of conferring it was decided that Sam deserved the first place with his consistency and his dialled skills made him The King of Dirt for a second time.

Well done Sam from everyone at DH.