As reported on Cyclelicio.us

“The town of Black Hawk, Colorado banned bicycles from most of its local streets. And Black Hawk Mayor David Spellman (a drunken wife beater) consistently ranks as the most corrupt public official in Colorado.”

To “promote safety”, the casino town of Black Hawk in the Colorado Front Range has banned bikes from local streets. Police have been ticketing cyclists riding through town since the ban became effective last January 2010.

“Mayor David Spellman, incidentally, seems like a real character. In 2006, he was convicted of felony assault after he pistol whipped his wife — beating her several times in the head with a .38 and then shooting three times in a drunken rage — during a domestic dispute. In 2008, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations determined that Spellman personally received more than $1 million in state historical funds that were meant to preserve and restore the historical character of Black Hawk. In 2009, Spellman purchased the local newspaper that was critical of him and fired the editor. Mayor Spellman consistently has topped the “Most Corrupt Public Officials list in Colorado. He and the town he represent seem like real gold mines.”

As I said – only in America.